is a place of cultural critique and commentary related to sex, sexuality, health, body positivity & relationships written by a Black millennial from the South.

Why Sexology Bae?

Sexology Bae was born out of a realization that today's world thrives on energy of tension and misunderstanding. 

At its core, Sexology Bae is a blog/advice column/stream of consciousness about the issues that have been pressing in my life and the lives of people I know. We live in a world where people are stigmatized and shamed for wanting to explore their sexuality, which often keeps them from seeking knowledge. As a Black woman, I'm very familiar with the stigma that comes with being open about one's sexuality. This blog is an attempt to de-stigmatize Black sexuality while encouraging others to learn about what works best for them.

Think of this less of a space of "education", and more a space of "understanding". That's where "Ask Sexology Bae" comes in, the advice-based portion of the site where readers can ask me just about anything and I'll answer. I focus on sex and sexuality because it's all around us, but so much of how we think about it is informed by parents, religion, or other aspects of our culture that don't actively encourage us to empathize with others' experiences.

Although sexuality is the driving force of Sexology Bae, self-love and body positivity are integral parts of making healthy and informed sexual decisions and I center those philosophies in my posts and responses to questions.

I'm not a doctor, and I don't want to pretend to know everything there is to know about sexuality and how bodies work. I'm still learning every day. But you can't teach experiences. All I can guarantee is that I know the things I've been through and how they connect to larger systems that impact our lives. Hopefully you, as a reader, find something relatable in what I say and feel more secure in your choices as a result.

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