Like many people, when I was growing up sex wasn't a super open topic in my household. That is to say, my mom and I weren’t having  discussions about sex around the dinner table. But as I grew up she taught me about my anatomy and gave me resources to understand pregnancy, childbirth, menstruation, things like that. My natural curiosity and access to the internet did the rest.

The South is near and dear to me, but I know firsthand how inadequate sex education is in schools here. I was fortunate to be able to access quality resources to learn about sex and build a personal network that helped me develop a loving relationship with my body and a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding sex and relationships.

My journey with self-love and body image is long and complex like everyone else's. We don't exist in a vacuum, and my goal with writing about sex positivity is to help readers see that sexuality, body image, and reproductive health are connected to larger systems and institutions.

As I attempt to deepen my love of self and grow as a person, my hope is by sharing knowledge and personal experiences as Sexology Bae I can help build a sex positive world which encourages people to make healthy decisions based in facts.