Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit 2018: Sponsor Call!

I've been incredibly fortunate to be award a blogger's scholarship to attend the 2018 Sexual Freedom Summit, hosted by the Woodhull Freedom Foundation. I'm really excited to be able to attend, especially as a new sexuality/sexual health blogger. I hope that my biggest takeaway is learning from folks who have been doing this work for years or even decades, because their insight is invaluable.  

As a young Black woman in the sexuality blogosphere, I find myself having to speak louder to be heard by those in the "mainstream", in order to access resources I need to advance my work. It's hard to be heard in this environment when you're counted out before you given a chance most of the time due to your age, race, and or/gender. This community is very small, and while it makes leaders fairly accessible, it presents a challenge for a newbie struggling to build a presence.

To that end, I'm reaching out for financial assistance to cover some of the remaining costs after my scholarship. I will be traveling from Houston, Texas, to Washington D.C. for the conference, so flying is my only option, as is staying in a hotel near the conference location since renting a car is cost-prohibitive because I'm under 25. I estimate that I'll need an additional $400 to cover remaining costs without financial strain. 

For companies/organizations, my sponsorship tiers are below. For entities or individuals interested in working with me or other exchanges for sponsorship, please send me an email at sexologybae@gmail.com. 

$25: 1 month of promo

At this tier, I will advertise your company as a featured partner on my Twitter page [3-4 tweets over the course of the month] and my blog landing page during the month of your choosing. 

$50: 1 month of Tier 1 promo + product review + conference promo

At this tier, I will provide the same level of promo as in the $25 sponsorship tier in addition to a product review and additional tweets with the hashtag(s) and/or tagged account(s) of your choosing during the conference itself. 

$100: 3 Months of Tier 1 promo + product review + conference promo

This tier includes all of the benefits from the previous tiers, but you will remain a listed partner on my Twitter page and blog landing page for 3 months of your choosing.

For sponsorship levels above $100, we can work together on a customized promotion plan. Thank you so much for